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To be the most effective patient friendly hospital in SriLanka.


To be the most innovative and productive hospital in SriLanka on providing patient focused services according to WHO standards, for all patients via friendly, supporting and high skilled staff.

Welcome To Vavuniya General Hospital

Image Placeholder General Hospital, Vavuniya is the second largest hospital in the province. It caters more than 200,000 people. This hospital was founded around 1900. It has 16 wards, 557 beds, two operating theatres and Intensive care unit. In 2012, we treated 55,094 patients in the wards, 259,717 patients in the OPD and 190,787 patients in clinics (including Medical, Surgical, Antenatal, Pediatric, Diabetic, Rheumatic, Psychiatric, Gynaecology, Family planning, Eye, ENT, Dental, Skin, Well baby clinic, STD and Orthopaedic clinic).

Message from our doctors


Renowned for its outstanding clinical services, research programs and medical education, Vavuniya General Hospital has helped establish the standards of excellence in pediatric care. Vavuniya Geneeral Hospital is Entirely Different from Other private and Government Hospitals. Vavuniya GH doctors always Take care our Patients like our blood relations. We don't give up for any reason, when all the employees of the hospital consciously follow all the compliance regulations and ethical standards, the hospital functions smoothly and efficiently. This is beneficial for both patients and well as doctors. There will be no hitch in the work flow and better services will be provided faster.