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General Hospital Vavuniya - department of ophthalmology Technology, That State of The Art


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the branch of medical science dealing with the anatomy,functions, and diseases of the eye.

The Department of Ophthalmology in the general hospital is on par to international standards. We have doctors that are able to do surgeries, do eye assessments on patients, and we have doctors that check your eye power with lenses. We have a general ophthalmology lab where the patients can come check their eyes. The doctors check if their eyes are in good conditions. If they are not, they go to the Biometry and Refraction lab to get their power for their glasses.

1) Vision assessment & Correction

  • Refraction
  • Low vision
  • Visual aids

2) Cataract assessment & IOL (Intraocular Lens) surgery. Free IOL

3) Pediatric        –      ROP assessment

  • Squint assessment & Surgery
  • Vision assessment
  • Free glasses for school children with 20/20 vision.

4) Other surgeries

  • DCR
  • PKP
  • Squint

5) Avastin injection

6) Botox injection