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General Hospital Vavuniya Services Medical Technology, That State of The Art

All hospitals are definitely not created equal. But, as a consumer (patient), how do you know that the hospital you choose is really the right one for you? There is an enormous amount of very clinical (and sometimes confusing) information about any hospital that is licensed to operate all over the Srilanka's. But choosing right doctors and hospital is vital part for you. General Hospital vavuniya Located in Northern Province vavuniya and our service philosophy is built on the precepts of commitment to medical protocols, provision of compassionate care and service excellence that transcends the conventional health care offer's. Recognizing that service excellence is dynamic in nature, we continuously seek to enhance our service delivery in a bid to provide you with world class health care experiences

Experience Doctors

DoctorsThe total number staff is over 250 staff members. The medical staff consists of nearly 35 consultants and nearly 150 Medical Doctors (MDs). They are organized as medical teams headed by permanent senior consultants who have professional experience in that particular specialty. Vavuniya General hospital Nursing staff consists of nearly 300 Registered Nurses and are organized as teams in line the organization of MDs. our professional doctors for specialized treatments. All our patients come with immense belief on us - we for many years have sustained their faith they have in us, adding a cure to their children pain, providing a total cure.

Superior Care, All round

Experience DoctorsAt General Hospital Vavuniya we are passionate about our patients whose wellbeing is at the core of our drive for excellence. With a team of the best doctors, surgeons, specialists and consultants, Central is rich in quality, talent and experience.
Many of our consultants are trained at the best medical institutions in the world and their level of aptitude, experience and know-how far exceeds other Government Hospitals and is on par with most hospitals in the North