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General Hospital Vavuniya - Special Care Baby Unit Technology, That State of The Art

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The special care baby unit, SCBU for short, takes care of premature and term babies who do not require intensive care. The babies that usually go to the SCBU are either born in a premature state, the baby had difficulties during the delivery stages, or they showed signs of problems in the first few days of birth when they are in the regular ward. They are for babies that are unable to be cared for within a regular ward. The unit in the hospital has one special care baby unit that has been arranged to be functional within the general hospital. There are 12 cots available to provide the proper and necessary services. We accommodate towards not only the Vavuniya district but we also accommodate the SCBU towards Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, and Mannar and towards a portion of the North West province.